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Structure league / Edit.bin by rickrd0

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1 Structure league / Edit.bin by rickrd0 on Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:59 pm

Hi, Well I've been checking the structure league, this is what I've found in compettitionEntry.bin:


0900=Premier League
0a00=Serie A
0b00=La Liga BBVA
0c00=Ligue 1
0e00=Liga Zon sagres

0f00=Premier league
1000=Serie A
1100=la Liga BBVA
1200=Ligue 1
1400=Liga Zon sagres

1500=Liga Brasil
1600=Liga arg
1700=Liga chile

1800=liga brasil
3100=Liga Argentina
3800=Liga chile




ABS-86 wrote:85 - Copa Libertadores (CompetitionEntry1.bin)
08 or 88 - AFC Champions League (CompetitionEntry4.bin)

Libertadores teams are in CompetitionEntry1.bin and
Asian Champions teams are in CompetitionEntry4.bin.

PD I based on: razib_46 explanation:

Other Eu, LaTam, Asia, Afr teams are in Team.bin:

Other Eu = 02
Other Asia = (Sorry I don't remember at the moment)
Other Latam = 06

Hidden Eu = 04
Hidden Afr = 07
Hidden Asia = (Sorry I don't remember at the moment)
Hidden Latam = 09

Classic Teams = 01

For more info go to: Zioborgo explanation:

Also for have good results you need to test your changes without edit.bin.

For keep your old edit.bin you need to Hex-edit it.
1º decrypt with cabry's tool
2º Then open it with any Hex editor.

For structure league for PEU league look for: 003be394
For structure league for PLA league look for: 003be3f2

So for make your edit.bin work with your changes try this:

I didn't test for every case, that example is for Bundesliga (PEU with 18 teams) and South American league (PLA) with 16 teams.

Teams for PEU and PLA:

As you can see Bundesliga (PEU) have 18 teams and two missing ffff ffff (by default PEU have 20 teams)

My country league (Perú) have 16 teams so I re-write 4 teams "ff ff" and I found another solution for add libertadores teams, they have another ID. For example Sporting cristal is: a808 for use the same teams without to add team in core files with razib metod, put a818 insted a808 and you will have the team in your league, it's the same for all teams in libertadores cup. I don't research for asian teams but I think it's something like that.

Teams for Ohter Eu and Other Latam:
The first four teams are from Brasil I added the others from hidden teams.

Another problem with edit.bin file it's with colors fans and kits made with inside editor, I already know how to fix but give more time for make a tutorial.

Because of time at the moment I didn't more changes (like relink a new league) so if you make it please share.

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