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PES 2014 Team Color Editor by zioborgo/razib_46

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With this tool you can edit your teams colors (like menu, crowd, etc.).


How to use:

1 - Launch the program, go to "File" then "Load" and select TeamColor.bin
(You can find it in "pes14_win_dat/common/etc" in "dt10.cpk")
2 - Select the team you want to edit and choose one of the 4 colors and edit it. Then press "Apply"
3 - You can also add new teams (expand the bin) with "Add Before" or "Add After" button.
The first one "Add Before") add a new team previews to your current team selection.
And the second button "Add After") add a new team next to your current team selection.
4 - To save, go to "File" and select "Save"
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